Frequent questions

What is a Helper ?

A Helper is a user of Helpy app who proposes his help. He can do it by contacting the owner of an ad « request for help » or by directly offering services trough a specific ad « service offering ».

The Helper is paid ( or not, if it is done free of charge ) based on the agreement between the two parties.

The roles are not fixed , a former Helper can also post an ad « request for help ».

How can I select a helper regarding my request for help ?

Among the Helpers who contact you , some will offer you their help. Once a request is accepted after a conversation, the helper is selected.You can still abandon the process with this Helper and accept another offer of assistance .

What happens if I block a conversation?

If you block the person you are talking to, he will not know about it. You will just be bothered anymore by these messages.

Are my contact information disclosed in case I accept a help proposal?

Helpy doesn’t disclose any personal information to the Helper that you select. Only you are sending the contact information that you want through the private chat .

How and why to evaluate a helper ?

The assessment allows the entire community to ensure a level of trust and security. To rate your helper, you just have to click on  » Leave a comment  » in the ad concerned . This  » Leave a comment  » button only appears once you have accepted a proposal.

If I did not find anyone to help me, what will become my ad?

Your ad will be automatically closed at the date you have decided during its creation . However, it is still possible for you to reactivate this same ad by deciding a new date of expiration.

How can I edit my ad?

Once your ad is published , it cannot be edited anymore. However if you want to add clarifications you can still notify it to your helper by using the chat fonction. Otherwise delete your ad and create a new one.

How to interact with ads’ owners?

You can directly engage in conversation with someone using the button « Contact  » that appears in each ad.

Can I post an ad to offer my services?

Yes of course. When creating an ad, you are asked to specify the kind of ad you want to post  » Help Request  » or « Service Proposal » .

Can I cancel a submitted proposal?

You cannot cancel an help proposal already sent. If the person accepts the proposal, you should ask him through the chat to cancel the process.If he has not yet accepted your proposal, you can still send another proposal, the latest is the only valid proposal.

Does the app publishes on my Facebook page ?

Helpy never publishes anything on your Facebook wall without your consent.You can publish on your Facebook wall by yourself if you wish.

Is it necessary to enable geolocalisation in order that Helpy works?

Helpy is a geolocalized app. To see the help requests and offers around you , it is necessary to enable the geolocalisationn in the settings of your smartphone.

I lost my password, how and where can I update it?

If your password is incorrect, then you just need to go to Helpy app settings, click on « Update my password ». Then click on the link « Forgot your password? « . We will ask you to insert your registration email address to receive a new password, you can then edit it again at the same place in the app settings.

Should I declare my income?

As a private individual, you are free to offer occasional services against monetary compensation. To fulfill your obligations to tax authorities, you must enter your income from Helpy as additional income when filing your taxes. Concerning the frequency and extent of the services, no official threshold exists beyond which your activity will be considered automatically as falling a concealed work. If the delivery of services through Helpy is a reccuring business for you and you earn significant benefits, please adjust your situation by creating legal status for this work (independant worker, self-employed, freelancer…)

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